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AMI / AMR Installation

Water, Gas or Electric Meters. M&E has the experience to take your project from concept to complete. M&E has been in business for over 30 years providing clients with solutions that meet their demand. M&E staff has managed multiple projects with installs exceeding 100,000 meters. As a brand neutral company that has worked with all major manufactures, we are focused on the process that meets your needs.


GIS and database management is the primary core of each project. M&E realizes that the greatest concern for utilities beginning a meter changeout is data collection and transfer. M&E can simplify the process by working with your staff or directly with the CIS billing system to create upload files that minimize the work and errors.


If your needs require cable installation or directional boring, let our 30 plus years of experience get you to the finish line. M&E owns and operates the equipment we use every day, providing experience and efficiency that equals savings in cost and time. If your project is crossing a street or across town, let our team work for you.  

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